After the final battle with the protectorate things have changed. The protectorate has disappeared into the desert. The Skorne have stopped their invasion. The trolls have united with Cygnar. Kruger the Wind Walker has begun a crusade to cleanse the lands. Even Khador has arranged a cease fire. In all this something much darker looms. The Cryx have started appearing from out of nowhere and deep in land. Cygnar has sent out party’s of men to take care them and other missions the military simply doesn’t have time for. The Darkest Days of Immoren are just ahead and there are few who know enough to stop it.

Campaign Setting

This Campaign Takes place in Iron Kingdoms. A steam punk word where Technology and Magic go hand and hand. This is a fresh Campain that takes place 15 years after this groups prior game ended and 17 years after the events in the Witchfire Trilogy and the world is based after the events in Warmachine Legends.

Darkest Days

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