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  • The Mist Walker

    The mist walker, also known as Kaya was left in charge of her village after Kruger went on his rampage. She is now in charge of the hidden village of the mist and the people who live within it. She for years has searched for a way to stop kruger and has …

  • The Wind Rider

    the wind rider, also known as Kruger has been different since his encounter with the old one in the forest. First he sought to help his people, now he is on a crusade to kill all who would oppose him, which he believes is all who do not follow him.

  • Elder Lammone

    He recently suffered sever injuries after bringing back Ug from the dead. His powers of healing are impressive but the ritual he preformed was different from any other before and he currently is researching anything that may have caused this.

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