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  • Stryker

    Leto left the crown to his son when he died, though right now his son is only 4 and unable to rule the lands. Knowing it would be time before his son could rule he left stryker in charge of the kingdom and his son.

  • Haley

    Haley aided in the recovery of the artifact by transporting the party across the world to an unknown location. As part of this she had to combine her powers with that of the old stones in the mist walkers village, while concentrating she suffered from a …

  • Dariaon

    Dariaon was the head of the drug dealers in corvis, after the shut down he was imprisoned in a cygnarin jail. He recently broke out and is seeking revenge on those who imprisoned him

  • Pawh

    Pawh awoke one afternoon stoned to see the wurm himself. after having a long conversation he vowed to change religions and kill his wife for the greater good. Even in prison he sticks to this story.

  • Mawh

    Mawh was sought out for poisons by one of the party members. After meeting him she offered to pay him to kill her husband upstairs. Instead of murdering her husband the party member had a talk with him. months later Pawh Murdered her in the name of the …

  • Mallo

    Mallo was the Initial guard who sent the party off on their missions. they haven't seen him since.

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