Darkest Days

Mo's Journal: The Saddest Loss

We moved across the lightning-strewn desert, trying to get as far from the erupting volcano as possible. As we moved we began to droop, falling asleep on our feet. I stabbed at everyone with my new surgical set, trying to inspire them to keep going, but eventually even I succumbed to exhaustion, and we fell asleep.

When we woke, we found Tobe crucified on a large wooden structure of unknown origins. I moved immediately to him and dissected him—it would be such a shame to lose those bits as we lost him. <sob>

We then saw a hulking man with his back to us, praying—the very one who has been chasing Haakim, and whose apprentice we killed a while back. I immediately set off debuff spells, taking away levels and strength from him, as is my way, to prepare for my companions to gather his bits. Oh! The joy it would have been to have those bits in my possession! But I get ahead of myself. Mmmhmm.

As we fought, my teammates quickly lost confidence in our abilities to kill him. Our spells barely had an effect, and he healed all the damage we did with great ease. Still, those bits were so close I could smell them, and I continued to fight. When my spells did not work I took the heart object and installed it into Tobe, instructing him to run at the cleric and kill. (Putting back all those precious bits in the process. <sob>

While my companions hesitated (at the crucial moment of our strike!) the cleric caused Tobe to implode, liquifying all of his bits, and then departed, carrying all of his own away. Oh the loss! Oh the pain! Never have I been so distraught. I cried for days, huddled in Ug’s pack at our catastrophic loss. If only my companions had acted more quickly and efficiently, we might not have suffered so.

As we traveled, we met a group of people and set out grenades, in case they were planning an ambush. It turned out to be the remnants of Haakim’s village traveling to the holy site where the Wyrm blessed us with the destruction of the Menite caldera. They were kind enough the shelter us and provide us with food, even though they provided me with no bits to comfort me in my time of mourning.

We traveled toward Waterforge for another month, until we crossed a Nyss and Iosen battleground. I wanted to gather bits, but Hog cast some horrible shadow magic that brought many in the battle to their deaths. As we were about to leave, a Nyssian elf left some bits in the bushes near us—surely the Wyrm is smiling upon me, reassuring me that he does not intend to deprive me of bits forever. Mmmhmm. <sob>

We headed to Waterforge and discoverd that the wall to the city had been broken in an attack. We met with Redbeard, who was sadly less amusing than normal, and he traveled with us to the Thornwood to fix Kaya. The giant man was angry and fought with Redbeard, though I was able to subdue them both with a sandwich (the last, since we destroyed Redbeard’s favored sandwich location.

We were able to combine the items we have encountered into a massive…I’m not sure what…and brought it with us. Redbeard returned us to Waterforge, and we asked him questions about the graveyards that are being raided by the Cryx. It turns out Redbeard at one point murdered Everblight himself (!) and did not save even one bit to be used for token or enhancer. Not even one! I cannot believe the people I am sadly required to work with. Have they no common sense? Do they not realize the value of the bits they cast aside? <sob>

We are certain at this point that the Cryx have stolen the authank to give to Lord Toruk, which can only mean bad things for our mission to stop the witches and the jack with wings. They have also collected an amulet that can be used to control Redbeard, and so we need to venture after it through the caves where we originally encountered the Cryx; perhaps we will be able to return him to his former amusing state. I can barely hope that there will be bits to acquire in the process—I fear this must be too much to ask for. Mmmhmm.

Mo's Journal: Blessings of the Wyrm

Dungeon notes:

Time, Being, Large, Verbal, Numerous, Force, Understand

When Giants speak, all should listen.

Numerous, Animal, Group, Joint Being

Many creatures become one?

Person, Group, Sized, Understand, See, Bugs

Bugs! People are really tiny bugs? Tiny bugs are really people? We will die from bugs. Oh, we are tiny bugs to the giant. Mmmhmm.

Time, Royalty, Trouble, Single, Dark, Keep, Royalty

When the Queen is in trouble, one dark thing will protect her? Oh, one knight will protect her. Mmmhmm.

On our way to the tunnels to go after the object, Davros and Hog decided for some reason to torture a dog to death. Luckily I was able to collect a few bits from the process, and then we were off.

We entered the lava caves on the far side of the caldera, where we found script which we soon identified as pictograms. We discovered both that we are terrible at deciphering codes, and that there were likely to be bugs deeper in dungeon. Delilah handed me alchemist’s fire, which I promptly disposed of, because as we all know fire injures my precious bits. I was most sorry, though, once I learned that my companions only intended to use those potions on bugs, so I scraped up the remnants of it for later use.

Haakim killed a small bug, which we were afraid were running off to warn the others, so when we came upon the first room, we sent Davros in first, wraithed, so that he might check for them. As Ug traveled across the room, he was set on fire by the floor, even though he was wraithed and flying. It took a while, but my companions eventually figured out that if we walked in a certain pattern across the floor, we would not be burned. I’ll admit I have no idea how they discovered this, but even so I was glad for their cleverness. This is why I bring them along on my quests for bits. Mmmhmm.

We soon encountered a giant, as the codes told us we would. He wanted us to touch a sphere in order to compete to take some of his treasure—including the brace we had come for, which he wore as a ring. Ug stopped Hog from touching it – I can’t imagine why, since he can now run away with ease under his own power – but the rest of us touched the sphere to continue. This angered Hog, so he turned Ug into a human, but Mikki was able to turn Ug back.

For the first time, I remembered to get all my buff spells off before the battle began, as did the others, so we entered the battle powered up and protected. This was most unfortunate, however, when pieces of our souls were sucked from us, and we were forced to fight a (bitsless) creature who morphed from one of us to another, taking our forms and using our powers, including our buffs. (I was most afraid of the small evil Mo—he was vicious and efficient, after all.)

In the midst of the fight, Mikki pulled out a long red hair, which did most unhelpful things like produce a horrible fog. Mikki beat the wand into submission, and after that it produced a magic wall and a fiery cloud.

Ug dispelled magic, causing us (and evil us) to lose almost all of our buffs. Evil Ug cast mirror image, which caused there to be many many copies of each of us…all sadly bitsless. Just thinking of it makes me want to cry. Mmmhmm.

Ug used magic missiles to figure out which evil one was the real one, and we continued to attack him as he turned into a frenzied Haakim, and an Ug, and that cleric whose kneecaps I removed so long ago.

Upon realizing that any spell cast on our enemy would spread to the party, I could not resist casting Redbeard’s Fabulous Transmogrification on it, which of course caused us all to be fabulous. I made sure to yell that it was a mistake right after, though, so that no one would know that I found it as amusing as I do. Mmmhmm.

Finally the fight ended, and we were able to collect treasure from the giant, who also told us he was bored sitting in the volcano, but it was his job to keep it from erupting. I chose the brace, even though what I really wanted was the giant’s heart. (Mikki acquired his toenails for me, which were almost as good.) Anastacia, upon finding out that she could make one request, requested that the giant leave so that the volcano would erupt in a testament to the power of the Wyrm.

The giant agreed, and we grabbed our loot (Mikki got me a quite fine surgical set as her prize) and ran. We were already exhausted (a gift of the evil Mo, vicious and efficient as he was) and so we were barely able to get out of range when the volcano erupted, killing the inhabitants of Cauldron, I imagine. Later I was most sad to realize that this meant the end of the little gobber who ran the morgue. I will miss him dearly.

The sky darkened with ash, and as we heard a gleeful laughter, we realized our mistake. We have brought darkness to this part of the land, and I fear that the coven of witches will have further power here.

Mo's Journal: When Arcane Mechanics Attack

While the party rested at my house, I was able to distribute several new tokens—Kane’s throat to help Haakim damage at range, his liver and lung to help Bendick and Davros avoid being hit, his gall bladder to help Delilah hit in melee, and his pancreas to help Haakim with his will, fortitude, and reflexes. After I finished, we sat down to a fine dinner cooked by Mikki.

We were just sitting down to eat when Mana arrived at my door. I was about to kindly let her in when she threw a lightening bolt at me, apparently still upset by the skirmish we had when she rudely assaulted my bits. The party rushed to the door to help me, and together we slaughtered Vasili and Mana (Haakim dealt a killing blow with nothing but a fork), and I harvested not only their bits but the enhancers I had previously given them, which I was able to sell for a pretty penny in town. Mmmhmm. It’s good to have my magical heart back. I’ll put it to better use next time.

In the morning we went to visit Redbeard, who in return for changing Kaya back from stone requested that we travel to Cauldron to bring back a sandwich and the brace that we were going to travel to gather as soon as we could anyway. I so love working for Redbeard. He’s unexpectedly convenient sometimes.

Redbeard offered to teleport us halfway, and though I remembered to tell him that we needed to wait, Davros announced that we wanted to go, and so away we went.

Redbeard dropped us into the desert, and unfortunately into the lap of an Iosen scouting party. They shot at us and damaged many of us, but did far more damage to our souls by turning several of us into gobbers. I shouted for Mikki to fix me, because as everyone knows, I am not a gobber! To make matters worse, a gobberish Delilah became attracted to me, and my attempts to turn her fabulous mid-battle failed miserably.

Mikki was able to change me back, but poor Delilah remains a gobber still. It is a most dangerous situation, that.

We defeated the elves (and deprived them of their bits), but not before Hog picked up the race changing spell and turned Davros into a human. I have been rather shocked that he has not imploded from hating himself, though it is quite fortunate that the Ugs now look just like brothers again.

Haakim lost both his limbs at the end of the fight, which probably means that the fickly Wyrm had need of them again. I told Mikki about Delilah’s advances toward me, and Mikki preformed a spell that caused Delilah to leave me alone. Mikki is so wonderful to me. I’ll have to keep her around for a good while longer.

Davros tied up Delilah (good riddance) and put her into his pack. I displaced her, of course, so that I could ride in my usual spot, and Hog hopped up with me. Ug had to use Bull’s Strength to lift us in his newly human form, but it was fortunate that he could, or it would have taken us quite long to travel, and likely worn Ug out too much to cast properly. Mmmhmm.

Before long, we found ourselves trailed by scores of Iosens, and hid in the sand behind a dune. Hog was able to pull the sand over us like a blanket, and we waited quietly, even when the Iosens rudely trampled us. I was concerned for my bits, but luckily they survived intact.

Hog grew bored, and I had to admit I was rather bored myself. When I stuck my head out of the sand, I found a jack approaching, which would likely have shattered our very bones if we remained there in the sand. And so Ug used Bull’s Strength again, and away we ran.

Ahead we saw a storm gathering in the desert, and knowing how dangerous those could be we hid in a familiar cave. Redbeard appeared to us then, announcing that he was hungry, and could not believe we had not brought him a sandwich. When we explained that at our current rate it could take months, he brought us right to the edge of the Harbinger’s lands, where a magical sandstorm blocked our path.

When we previously passed, Haakim said a prayer to Menoth, which allowed us to pass through. In the months that have past, though, Haakim has become much more enamored of the Wyrm, so this time he said the prayer first to the Wyrm, and then to Dhunia, and then to “Menoth sucks but Menoth.” The final prayer worked, and at long last we were able to pass through the storm and into Cauldron.

I went immediately to the morgue to see my good friend the gobber who furnished kneecaps for me when we last passed through. I paid him a small sum to stay in the morgue for the night, and to allow my companions to have a place to rest as well. Davros had other plans, however, and went to the Inn. When he found it was full, he decided to leave a live grenade on the desk, and caused much damage to it. We all hid from the guards, but they found him, and arrested him despite his insistence that he was human, and therefore innocent. (I think it may take Ug a while to grow into this human thing.) In the process Ug set off another grenade, and was hauled off to prison.

Not knowing what to do to help Ug, we stayed in the Morgue for the night, and I harvested a few small bits from the bodies there. In the morning we were summoned by the Harbinger, who pardoned Ug and turned him back into a troll, on the condition that he would help to repair the inn. (Knowing Ug, he probably still thinks it was worth it, Mmmhmm. If she wanted to deter him, she should have taken away his abilities with fire.)

We told the Harbinger that we had come for a sandwich and brace, and asked if she knew that the Cryx were invading. To our surprise, she told us that the Cryx are not invading—our map instead marks the locations of tombs from which they plan to recruit, including the graveyard that contains Redbeard’s people, and a pile of bodies near Waterforge where Redbeard’s victims are tossed. We plan to go for the brace immediately, and then head back north to investigate. Fortunately, the Harbinger’s private chef provided us with the sandwiches that Redbeard craves, so as soon as we locate the brace, we will be off.

Mo's Journal: The World's Biggest Bit

When we turned around, we feared we would find Krueger himself, but instead we were faced by several druids and some rather large tharn. The druids we recognized as the ones who were so grumpy about the stones in the Thornwood—apparently they were traitors and spies for the Stormlord. I cast Haste in preparation for battle, and the tharn attacked immediately.

Sadly, Vasili and Mana were still above the airship, having dropped us off in the woods via fly spell. When Vasili saw that we were in battle, he decided to pick up his gun and shoot, which was a most foolish decision given that the ship is, as we have seen before, most flammable. Mmmhmm.

One of the druids brought a lightening storm upon us, and luckily Mana had the good sense to push Vasili from the ship so that they were not in it when it exploded in a mighty flash. Poor Davros looked like he was about to cry—he so wanted to be the one to destroy the ship when the time came.

Debris rained down around us as we fought the druids and tharn. After a most difficult battle, we were able to kill them all, except for one druid who escaped via shifting stone after casting one last spell which caused many of the members of our party to begin to drown.

While the others expelled the water from their lungs, I set about collecting my most precious bits. Mana decided to take her anger over the ship out on one of the bodies, forcing me to Enervate and Enfeeble her in order to preserve the bits. She was most angry about this, but as the bits clearly belonged to me, I can’t say that she didn’t deserve it. Mmmhmm.

Ug called the giant druid, and he traveled to us. He was most angry about Kaya being turned to stone, and together we all teleported back to the Thornwood via shifting stone.

When we arrived, we saw the traitorous druid who got away standing in a crowd, and quickly assassinated him. The giant druid was very angry with us, but I was still able to make off with two choice bits from him. Mmmhmm. Since we had exacted his vengeance, the giant druid asked us to find someone who could fix Kaya to appease him. I took a look at Kaya and found that her bits are intact inside the statue. I believe the giant was quite touched when Mikki informed him that Kaya is not in fact dead. Yet.

We set off to see Redbeard to find out if he would be willing to help Kaya. As we approached Waterforge, I saw a beast of such size that he must have been the world’s biggest bit. I coaxed the others into the woods to gather it, and we came upon a group of Nyss. I spent the fight searching for that bit of considerable size, which I finally spotted above the treeline. The bits belonged to a most magnificent dragon creature the likes of which I had never seen. It was mighty in size, but I was able to neutralize it entirely with a mere magic missile, so mighty are the powers of Mo. (The nyss riding the dragon finished off the last bit with a spell of her own, but truth be told, there was very little left to do after my spell made contact.)

I gathered bits from the dragon-creature, and the others made a feast out of the dragon bits, which most of us ate in celebration of our victory. Mmmhmm.

We set off to rest in Waterforge, and plan to speak with Redbeard in the morning.

Mo's Journal, Part 7

After returning to Water Forge I found myself feeling most bad for forgetting that I possessed the heart artifact that could potentially have saved Mana for her bloody fate. As even the possession of her many fine bits did not ease my guilt, I set out alone to return to the underground passage where we had left her body, to try to bring her back to life.

It took me three days, but I did not encounter any undead until I reached the passage itself. I was able to sneak past them, and also steal a map which outlines the future movement of the undead into the greater portion of Immoren. When I reached Mana’s body, I attempted to revive her by inserting the heart into her chest, but sadly I had to replace each and every bit I had removed from her (except of course for her natural heart) in order to bring her back. It was rather difficult to slide the gloved skin of her hand back into place, but I managed to piece her back, and then bring her back to life. Mmmhmm.

Mana was a bit perturbed at the loss of her mechanical arm which had, of course, been transplanted to Anastacia, so we set off for Waterforge to reunite with the others. As we left we unfortunately alerted the undead to the loss of the map, and were chased into a ravine where we jumped into a river. Since neither Mana nor I have the capacity to swim, we nearly drowned in the river, and unfortunately escaped from the undead without collection even so much as a single bit.

When we returned to Waterforge, we began the journey to the Wyrm ceremony in the desert where last year we were so blessed by the Wyrm. On the way we sent messages to our contacts around Immoren to warn them of the coming of the undead, but we didn’t receive responses from anyone but Redbeard, who seemed more concerned with his dating service than with the invasion of the many undead future-bits, which he will no doubt burn to ashes and destroy without much effort. It truly is tragic I haven’t yet convinced him to learn to use cold. We could have quite an enterprise together, Redbeard and I. I must remember to address the issue with him when we see him next. Mmmhmm.

When we reached the shack near where the ceremony would begin, we were sent out after several cyclops, with the direction to bring back their hearts and eyes as a sacrifice to the Wyrm. Some members of the party felt it would be necessary for us to plan, but as it turns out we are barely capable of such a task. MmmMmm. Ug (who, in his clerical human shape is much squishier, though no less full of bits) was ambushed by the cyclopes, and Tobe was knocked out and carried away. We were attacked in particular by a hidden javilineir, who nearly killed several of us before I magic missiled him and threw an illuminated Drudge fallopian tube to light up his area so our fighters could see. I was able to collect many fine bits from the cyclops, save of course the bits which we were required to bring back for the ceremony.

During the ceremony we ate our bits and were blessed by the Wyrm. Hog seems to have aged several years, and I was blessed by the Wyrm with small wings and a tail, which raises the number of bits I am possessing significantly. Haakim was able to grow back his leg, and Anastacia her arm. We will have to return for the ceremony next year, to receive further blessings from the hand of the Wyrm.

We then set out for the Thornwood to ensure that they received our message about the invasion of the undead. We discovered there several dangerous large rocks, some of which are able to stand and nod and seem moderately intelligent (if bitless.) Delilah decided to hit on the lovely Tharn ladies, which nearly got us all into a fight with the lot of them. We were also attacked by many vines from above, like the one that choked me the last time I climbed a tree. Several of our party members were carried away into the treetops, but we managed to get everyone back without fatalities, and which is more I was able to collect a sackful of plant bits, which will be most useful for creating low level enhancers, even if does increase my load considerably.

During the course of the fight, Ug set the woods on fire with his fireballs, but I was able to use my newly learned pyrotechnics spell to turn that fire into a choking smoke before it spread and burned down the forest like we did in Ios. That is proving to be the most useful spell I know, and I will make good use of it in the future, I am sure.

When we reached the village, we were met by the cleric whose powers Ug stole, who was still rather disgruntled, as I don’t think he has yet returned to full power. I didn’t tell him that even his bits will be much less useful these days. Under the circumstances, I didn’t think the news would be helpful. Mmmhmm.

We were also met by a giant of a man who tells us while they are fortifying themselves against the possible future invasion, they have not heard from Kaya in some time. He asked if we would check on her, as she has gone to confront Krueger near my swamp and the fort where I first found my party of slayers who have helped me to acquire so very many fine bits.

When we neared my swamp, I went to visit my mentor, who has asked me to travel deep into the desert after a beast that changes and shifts. I think it may be a while before we are able to venture out that far, but I look forward to finding the pit dweller, as he has promised me two bits from his collection, and I have my eye on some particularly fine ones.

We then flew over the pit where we had long ago encountered mechanithralls (fine bits, those had) and Mana and Vasili remained in the ship, airdropping us from above. In the pit we found Kaya, sadly turned to stone (the state of those poor bits! I cannot even check on their health in that condition!) and were surprised from behind by a voice, who told us we should not have come.

Mo's Journal Part 6

As we continued through the abominable room, we were again forced to fight the incorporeal beasties who did not leave bits behind. Haakim lost his leg almost immediately at the beginning of our last fight, and both Delilah and I were turned into wee little yappy dogs. Fortunately I was able to retain remembrance that I was not, in fact, supposed to be a dog, and could communicate with the party through quiet whinings. Mmmhmm.

Mikki surprised us all by promptly turning me back from a dog, for which I was most grateful.

Mana decided that it would be more prudent to replace Haakim’s leg with metal rather than with flesh, which is obviously foolish, since bits make better body parts than foreign mechanics. We squabbled over it for a bit, and in the end she built a leg out of a snowshoe, some fatty tissue, and assorted sundry parts. It paled in comparison to the leg I could have built, but Haakim may suit himself, I suppose.

We found the dais inside a cage, which after much tiptoeing around it for traps turned out to be incorporeal, and not trapped again. Hogarak turned us all blue, and then tried to jump to his death off a pile of rubble, and though Davros feather falled him, Bendick still felt the need to yell at him. I don’t think he is quite used to dealing with such young ones, that Bendick.

We journeyed into immense caverns beneath the dungeon, and traveled for many days. Just when we felt we might be reaching a path to the surface, we ran into a monstrosity of steel and parts—which, of course, had no bits. Next time I think about traveling to Ios, I must remember that it will likely be a fruitless journey.

The jack was abominably fast and strong, and cut Ug right in two, and then attacked Mana and bashed in her skull. I was most frightened, so I hid behind some rubble while pounding it with magic missiles.

When all was done, we removed the heads from both Mana and Bendick, though I sadly forgot about my heart which may have been able to bring Mana back from the dead.

We snuck past an army of undead, learned that they are soon to attack Cygnar, and then traveled a few days back to Redbeard. He then teleported us to the Thornwood where we were able to convince the cleric there to perform a reincarnation spell for us. Sadly, Mana did not return, although Ug returned as an Idrian with clerical powers that I believe he may have stolen from the cleric who brought him back. Davros seems most disconcerted that Bendick is now a human, but I hope that he gets over it soon, mostly so that we can go in quest of more bits. Mmmhmm.

Because Mana did not return, I have been feeling most guilty about leaving Mana’s body behind, especially since I have remembered that if I pieced her back together I could return her to life. This may be my chance to prove that I can use my bits to help the party—which would motivate them to get me more bits in the near future, since these last journeyings have been so devoid.

When we returned to the airship I attempted to replace Haakim’s leg with one of the appendages in the drudge-making machine, but he became cowardly at the last minute and kicked out, causing Anastasia to lose his arm instead. Also, when I tried to install Mana’s piloting arm onto Ug as planned, Vasili decided that he disagreed with our careful plans, even though he certainly had no valid complaints. Because of this he decided to fight me, and in the end I left them all there to sort it out themselves. This is what they get if they refuse to listen to good sense. Mmmhmm.

Once I had cooled off at home, I returned at Davros’ request to install the pilot arm on Anastasia, and she practiced with the airship until she was able to learn to fly it.

Uggs Dictation Journal Entry 4

Before I make this Entry it needs to be known that I have died on two separate occasions since this has happened in my Life and these events become obscured in memory. as we make our way into the desert we got attacked by some humans with Mechanical parts attached. we were subdued and awoke in a chamber naked and attached to a table. I broke free and started freeing my companions we started testing levers and Haakim attacked the machine that came down and lost his arm. we eventually took the ship and learned to fly it.as we are figuring out the minutes of the controls. our stupid cleric pushed the buttion that dislodged the ballon and we fell to the ground. This was a very near death for me. My Brother brought me back to health. The party had disable the cleric and he was almost proud of crashing the ship. I did what needed to be done and ended his life. we were captured by a group of Menites who had conquered and major Skorne city. We eventually escaped with a captured Menite and barley escaped. We ended up finding out that the Druid we were after wasn’t an actual druid or the order but something else. We also learned that He who flys on tattered wingswho flooded the country of Laael and turned it into a sea. and that we need certain Orgothian artefacts to stop him. The first artefact was a spear and we we givin a magical item to locate the spear and a device to return. the magic tah held us there was being upheld by a hero in cygnar Haley and her life would only last for a limited time and we need to make haste.

Uggs Dictation Journal Entry 3

From Here our Mission has 2 part. We need to find out what happened to the menites and what happened to Irshod. I turns out that half of Caspia was owned by the menites and is deserted. Brother burned it to the ground it was funny. Mo gets mad when Brother uses fire the Gobber says it hurts the bits. we head out in desert and encounter sandstorm. The Cleric Nearly dies cause of his horse i ended up killing it and eating it for dinner everyone agreed and ate but the cleric who mopes cause we kill the stupid animal that nearly cause his death. after the storm cleared brother was picked up by big bird Haakim killed it and my brother fell. We made it to A Village where Haakim got instructions on where to follow the Menites. We travelled for what seemed like a long time and came to another sandstorm while I was craving horse Haakim started talking Jiberish with is kinda normal since he seems to into mix Menoth and the Devourer Worm at will. after 10 minutes of his Gibberish the storm opened ad let us in we walked in the storm all day until we came to a lush paradise. this is where we came to Cauldren the City of the Menites. It turns out the these Menites has changed and want to live in peace and no longer hate other races. these are truly a great people We met with the Harbriger was an amazing a beautiful for a human. she sent us to find irshod who had attempted to murder her and said he would some day. and then we went looking for Irshod.

Uggs Dictation Journal Entry 2

As Said last time not everything is clear to Ugg. Many head hits make some things blurry. so we leave for Caspia. Ugg like boat trip and things are quiet when Ugg get woken up with bang. Ugg find out that fearless leader crashed boat. and we got stuck walking on way to caspia we found a small cignaran outpost that can arange transport to caspia but we must find and disable some undead mine. we go looking for mine and find some undead. one of the undead shrivelled my leg Ugg could barely move. Ugg not happy about this. We finish off group Brother had to cut off leg. I wish he would have remembered the saw and we went back to town lucky for me I was still a trollkin at this time. leg grew back in about a week. next attempt we let on of captured undead out and we follow it to mine. As we are talking to figure out best way to kill undead. The stupid cleric goes and gets attacked. Stupid cleric almost gets killed.I almost died trying to save stupid cleric. Marrow must have poor choice in clerics and that Allen guy he prayed to must have low standards. Once again we go back to town. After we heal up we try to find our way back to the Mine we get lost and come to a town where we met an older lady and she gave us direction to mine. So we leave and try to find mine we circle lake again and lost again and end up circling back to the hut. The nice lady there we learned was Anistasia she taught us how to make a compass. Once again we left with a new tool to find our way on the way we met Mo who seem to not believe he’s a gobber and later that day we met Haakim. They decided to join us and Haakim knew where to go this made life easy. this time we made it to the mine and destroyed it. We went back to town and got paid and was shortly truly on route to Caspia. A few Days Later we Arived. Ugg was Amazed by the size of this place. when we got there we found out that all the menites left. What happened to them? Ugg tell you next time.

Mo's Journal Part 5

Still stuck in the Elves’ dungeon, we rested overnight in order to regain our spells and for Ug and Ladimira to recover from the attack of the scarabs. Such a shame that I could not collect the bits belonging to those bugs. Mmmhmm.

I slept for the night against the wall, but Davros decided that it would be a good idea to tap a magehanded grenade against all three of the doors, until an incorporeal elf emerged from the floor and attacked us. Again, a creature with no bits. Whoever designed these traps was truly the enemy of the bonegrinder. Perhaps he was just jealous that he could not make such good use of his own bits. Mmmhmm. I was, however, able to eat a fine shredder bit to set off the most powerful magic missile that I have ever shot, which is no small feat if I do say so myself.

Mana was rather rude to me, and so while she slept, I inserted a drudge eyeball into her mouth. After what has happened to her since, I almost feel sorry for that act. Almost. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

On the next set of stairs, Vasili remembered that he has the ability to detect traps, but he is obviously not very good at it, because he failed to warn us about all of the triggers, and we soon found ourselves engulfed in scorpions. (And can I use scorpion bits? Of course not. Which is a shame because I had access to enough scorpions that could I use them I could have retired to bonegrind in peace.)

Mana was paralyzed by the scorpion poison while the others hid back in the room where we spent the night. Haakim grabbed Mana and we dragged her along the ceiling using spider climb, but even now she is quite unable to move.

When we reached the top we were knocked off our feet by a mighty explosion, such that probably destroyed any bits that might have remained in this forsaken dungeon. Just then someone burst through the door in the room where we hid, and Haakim launched a javelin at it. Sadly, this person was Anastasia, who shot Haakim in the knee for his trouble. (They’ll both be fine, although I had to do a small surgery on Haakim using a spare shoulder blade so that he could walk again. At least Haakim is grateful for my services, though. I won’t need to insert anything tasty into his mouth in his sleep.


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