Delilah Lightfoot

A slightly phobic and somewhat sluty Rogue


Class: Rogue, Whore, Prego, Mommy?

Str: 12 Con: 13 dex: 20 Wis: 16 Int: 18 Cha: 16

More stats to come, when I find my character sheet.


Raised in the streets of Caspia, Delilah fended for herself and became a promising rogue. After the tragic death of her mother, (who was killed by a porcelain basin after it fell out of a window and was then consumed by a horde of ravenous diseased cats), She was forced to learn skills and traits others may have frowned upon. She led a life of petty crime and theft as she struggled to survive in the harsh cities and she often travelled to neighbouring cities in search of riches a better life and the hope to start anew.

She got her chance at a new life when she was recruited by a small group fighters to investigate the source of a drug cartel in the city of Corvis. As fate would have it, this changed not only her life, but who she was and what she believed in. She continues to be a loyal, if somewhat sluty, companion to her fellow band of adventures in the world of Caen.

Delilah Lightfoot

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