De-aged devourer worshiper


Current Status: Recovering


Anistasia had lived out the end of her days in a cabin in the woods. After years of being alone and fighting off the occasional undead, the group stumbled across her. She invited them all in to eat and rest for the night and even taught them how to make their own compasses. After they left she felt there was much she could do so she met up with a group of devourer worshipers and left for the worms navel to undergo a ritual that would restore her to her younger years. While in route she entered an Idrean village to avoid a massive sand storm and met with the party again where she was welcomed warmly by Ug. The party and her band left together but along the way were ambushed by slavers and separated. When she next encountered them she was possessed by an infernal puppet used by the coven of witches. The pupped put up a rouse and became romantically involved with Haakim and even after she was freed she kept the feelings that had developed.


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