Red Beard

Do it just like he showed you with those puppets!


Current status: Distracted


Red Beard was born in a small village long before the dwarfs were cut off from the lands of men. He grew up in a small village where he lived a simple life. On his 43rd birthday his village was raided by Nyss and other dragon spawn. Red Beard hid his family away in an underground bunker where they would be safe. After what seemed like hours of fighting he was cornered and at blade point. He prayed to the elders to grant him the strength to kill his foes and save his family. He could feel his flesh cry out in pain from the slashes of their blades, but more so he could feel the burning under his skin. Just as one of the nyss were about to deal the fatal blow a ring of fire burst our from red beard killing everything within the village. Red Beard fell unconscious from the shock. when he awoke everyone in his village was killed by sword or flame. It was then he went off on his journey for power and understanding. Red Beard has sense delved deep into the dark arcane arts, he knows more about magic then almost anyone in the world, but the knowledge he has comes with a price. He has had to trade his sanity for power. Red Beard still seeks a way to bring his family back after all this time and with his magic he has granted himself a very long life span.

Red Beard

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