Darkest Days

Uggs Dictation Journal Entry 4

Before I make this Entry it needs to be known that I have died on two separate occasions since this has happened in my Life and these events become obscured in memory. as we make our way into the desert we got attacked by some humans with Mechanical parts attached. we were subdued and awoke in a chamber naked and attached to a table. I broke free and started freeing my companions we started testing levers and Haakim attacked the machine that came down and lost his arm. we eventually took the ship and learned to fly it.as we are figuring out the minutes of the controls. our stupid cleric pushed the buttion that dislodged the ballon and we fell to the ground. This was a very near death for me. My Brother brought me back to health. The party had disable the cleric and he was almost proud of crashing the ship. I did what needed to be done and ended his life. we were captured by a group of Menites who had conquered and major Skorne city. We eventually escaped with a captured Menite and barley escaped. We ended up finding out that the Druid we were after wasn’t an actual druid or the order but something else. We also learned that He who flys on tattered wingswho flooded the country of Laael and turned it into a sea. and that we need certain Orgothian artefacts to stop him. The first artefact was a spear and we we givin a magical item to locate the spear and a device to return. the magic tah held us there was being upheld by a hero in cygnar Haley and her life would only last for a limited time and we need to make haste.



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