Darkest Days

Uggs Dictation Journal Entry 3

From Here our Mission has 2 part. We need to find out what happened to the menites and what happened to Irshod. I turns out that half of Caspia was owned by the menites and is deserted. Brother burned it to the ground it was funny. Mo gets mad when Brother uses fire the Gobber says it hurts the bits. we head out in desert and encounter sandstorm. The Cleric Nearly dies cause of his horse i ended up killing it and eating it for dinner everyone agreed and ate but the cleric who mopes cause we kill the stupid animal that nearly cause his death. after the storm cleared brother was picked up by big bird Haakim killed it and my brother fell. We made it to A Village where Haakim got instructions on where to follow the Menites. We travelled for what seemed like a long time and came to another sandstorm while I was craving horse Haakim started talking Jiberish with is kinda normal since he seems to into mix Menoth and the Devourer Worm at will. after 10 minutes of his Gibberish the storm opened ad let us in we walked in the storm all day until we came to a lush paradise. this is where we came to Cauldren the City of the Menites. It turns out the these Menites has changed and want to live in peace and no longer hate other races. these are truly a great people We met with the Harbriger was an amazing a beautiful for a human. she sent us to find irshod who had attempted to murder her and said he would some day. and then we went looking for Irshod.



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