Darkest Days

Uggs Dictation Journal Entry 2

As Said last time not everything is clear to Ugg. Many head hits make some things blurry. so we leave for Caspia. Ugg like boat trip and things are quiet when Ugg get woken up with bang. Ugg find out that fearless leader crashed boat. and we got stuck walking on way to caspia we found a small cignaran outpost that can arange transport to caspia but we must find and disable some undead mine. we go looking for mine and find some undead. one of the undead shrivelled my leg Ugg could barely move. Ugg not happy about this. We finish off group Brother had to cut off leg. I wish he would have remembered the saw and we went back to town lucky for me I was still a trollkin at this time. leg grew back in about a week. next attempt we let on of captured undead out and we follow it to mine. As we are talking to figure out best way to kill undead. The stupid cleric goes and gets attacked. Stupid cleric almost gets killed.I almost died trying to save stupid cleric. Marrow must have poor choice in clerics and that Allen guy he prayed to must have low standards. Once again we go back to town. After we heal up we try to find our way back to the Mine we get lost and come to a town where we met an older lady and she gave us direction to mine. So we leave and try to find mine we circle lake again and lost again and end up circling back to the hut. The nice lady there we learned was Anistasia she taught us how to make a compass. Once again we left with a new tool to find our way on the way we met Mo who seem to not believe he’s a gobber and later that day we met Haakim. They decided to join us and Haakim knew where to go this made life easy. this time we made it to the mine and destroyed it. We went back to town and got paid and was shortly truly on route to Caspia. A few Days Later we Arived. Ugg was Amazed by the size of this place. when we got there we found out that all the menites left. What happened to them? Ugg tell you next time.



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