Darkest Days

Mo's Journal: When Arcane Mechanics Attack

While the party rested at my house, I was able to distribute several new tokens—Kane’s throat to help Haakim damage at range, his liver and lung to help Bendick and Davros avoid being hit, his gall bladder to help Delilah hit in melee, and his pancreas to help Haakim with his will, fortitude, and reflexes. After I finished, we sat down to a fine dinner cooked by Mikki.

We were just sitting down to eat when Mana arrived at my door. I was about to kindly let her in when she threw a lightening bolt at me, apparently still upset by the skirmish we had when she rudely assaulted my bits. The party rushed to the door to help me, and together we slaughtered Vasili and Mana (Haakim dealt a killing blow with nothing but a fork), and I harvested not only their bits but the enhancers I had previously given them, which I was able to sell for a pretty penny in town. Mmmhmm. It’s good to have my magical heart back. I’ll put it to better use next time.

In the morning we went to visit Redbeard, who in return for changing Kaya back from stone requested that we travel to Cauldron to bring back a sandwich and the brace that we were going to travel to gather as soon as we could anyway. I so love working for Redbeard. He’s unexpectedly convenient sometimes.

Redbeard offered to teleport us halfway, and though I remembered to tell him that we needed to wait, Davros announced that we wanted to go, and so away we went.

Redbeard dropped us into the desert, and unfortunately into the lap of an Iosen scouting party. They shot at us and damaged many of us, but did far more damage to our souls by turning several of us into gobbers. I shouted for Mikki to fix me, because as everyone knows, I am not a gobber! To make matters worse, a gobberish Delilah became attracted to me, and my attempts to turn her fabulous mid-battle failed miserably.

Mikki was able to change me back, but poor Delilah remains a gobber still. It is a most dangerous situation, that.

We defeated the elves (and deprived them of their bits), but not before Hog picked up the race changing spell and turned Davros into a human. I have been rather shocked that he has not imploded from hating himself, though it is quite fortunate that the Ugs now look just like brothers again.

Haakim lost both his limbs at the end of the fight, which probably means that the fickly Wyrm had need of them again. I told Mikki about Delilah’s advances toward me, and Mikki preformed a spell that caused Delilah to leave me alone. Mikki is so wonderful to me. I’ll have to keep her around for a good while longer.

Davros tied up Delilah (good riddance) and put her into his pack. I displaced her, of course, so that I could ride in my usual spot, and Hog hopped up with me. Ug had to use Bull’s Strength to lift us in his newly human form, but it was fortunate that he could, or it would have taken us quite long to travel, and likely worn Ug out too much to cast properly. Mmmhmm.

Before long, we found ourselves trailed by scores of Iosens, and hid in the sand behind a dune. Hog was able to pull the sand over us like a blanket, and we waited quietly, even when the Iosens rudely trampled us. I was concerned for my bits, but luckily they survived intact.

Hog grew bored, and I had to admit I was rather bored myself. When I stuck my head out of the sand, I found a jack approaching, which would likely have shattered our very bones if we remained there in the sand. And so Ug used Bull’s Strength again, and away we ran.

Ahead we saw a storm gathering in the desert, and knowing how dangerous those could be we hid in a familiar cave. Redbeard appeared to us then, announcing that he was hungry, and could not believe we had not brought him a sandwich. When we explained that at our current rate it could take months, he brought us right to the edge of the Harbinger’s lands, where a magical sandstorm blocked our path.

When we previously passed, Haakim said a prayer to Menoth, which allowed us to pass through. In the months that have past, though, Haakim has become much more enamored of the Wyrm, so this time he said the prayer first to the Wyrm, and then to Dhunia, and then to “Menoth sucks but Menoth.” The final prayer worked, and at long last we were able to pass through the storm and into Cauldron.

I went immediately to the morgue to see my good friend the gobber who furnished kneecaps for me when we last passed through. I paid him a small sum to stay in the morgue for the night, and to allow my companions to have a place to rest as well. Davros had other plans, however, and went to the Inn. When he found it was full, he decided to leave a live grenade on the desk, and caused much damage to it. We all hid from the guards, but they found him, and arrested him despite his insistence that he was human, and therefore innocent. (I think it may take Ug a while to grow into this human thing.) In the process Ug set off another grenade, and was hauled off to prison.

Not knowing what to do to help Ug, we stayed in the Morgue for the night, and I harvested a few small bits from the bodies there. In the morning we were summoned by the Harbinger, who pardoned Ug and turned him back into a troll, on the condition that he would help to repair the inn. (Knowing Ug, he probably still thinks it was worth it, Mmmhmm. If she wanted to deter him, she should have taken away his abilities with fire.)

We told the Harbinger that we had come for a sandwich and brace, and asked if she knew that the Cryx were invading. To our surprise, she told us that the Cryx are not invading—our map instead marks the locations of tombs from which they plan to recruit, including the graveyard that contains Redbeard’s people, and a pile of bodies near Waterforge where Redbeard’s victims are tossed. We plan to go for the brace immediately, and then head back north to investigate. Fortunately, the Harbinger’s private chef provided us with the sandwiches that Redbeard craves, so as soon as we locate the brace, we will be off.



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