Darkest Days

Mo's Journal: The World's Biggest Bit

When we turned around, we feared we would find Krueger himself, but instead we were faced by several druids and some rather large tharn. The druids we recognized as the ones who were so grumpy about the stones in the Thornwood—apparently they were traitors and spies for the Stormlord. I cast Haste in preparation for battle, and the tharn attacked immediately.

Sadly, Vasili and Mana were still above the airship, having dropped us off in the woods via fly spell. When Vasili saw that we were in battle, he decided to pick up his gun and shoot, which was a most foolish decision given that the ship is, as we have seen before, most flammable. Mmmhmm.

One of the druids brought a lightening storm upon us, and luckily Mana had the good sense to push Vasili from the ship so that they were not in it when it exploded in a mighty flash. Poor Davros looked like he was about to cry—he so wanted to be the one to destroy the ship when the time came.

Debris rained down around us as we fought the druids and tharn. After a most difficult battle, we were able to kill them all, except for one druid who escaped via shifting stone after casting one last spell which caused many of the members of our party to begin to drown.

While the others expelled the water from their lungs, I set about collecting my most precious bits. Mana decided to take her anger over the ship out on one of the bodies, forcing me to Enervate and Enfeeble her in order to preserve the bits. She was most angry about this, but as the bits clearly belonged to me, I can’t say that she didn’t deserve it. Mmmhmm.

Ug called the giant druid, and he traveled to us. He was most angry about Kaya being turned to stone, and together we all teleported back to the Thornwood via shifting stone.

When we arrived, we saw the traitorous druid who got away standing in a crowd, and quickly assassinated him. The giant druid was very angry with us, but I was still able to make off with two choice bits from him. Mmmhmm. Since we had exacted his vengeance, the giant druid asked us to find someone who could fix Kaya to appease him. I took a look at Kaya and found that her bits are intact inside the statue. I believe the giant was quite touched when Mikki informed him that Kaya is not in fact dead. Yet.

We set off to see Redbeard to find out if he would be willing to help Kaya. As we approached Waterforge, I saw a beast of such size that he must have been the world’s biggest bit. I coaxed the others into the woods to gather it, and we came upon a group of Nyss. I spent the fight searching for that bit of considerable size, which I finally spotted above the treeline. The bits belonged to a most magnificent dragon creature the likes of which I had never seen. It was mighty in size, but I was able to neutralize it entirely with a mere magic missile, so mighty are the powers of Mo. (The nyss riding the dragon finished off the last bit with a spell of her own, but truth be told, there was very little left to do after my spell made contact.)

I gathered bits from the dragon-creature, and the others made a feast out of the dragon bits, which most of us ate in celebration of our victory. Mmmhmm.

We set off to rest in Waterforge, and plan to speak with Redbeard in the morning.



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