Darkest Days

Mo's Journal: The Saddest Loss

We moved across the lightning-strewn desert, trying to get as far from the erupting volcano as possible. As we moved we began to droop, falling asleep on our feet. I stabbed at everyone with my new surgical set, trying to inspire them to keep going, but eventually even I succumbed to exhaustion, and we fell asleep.

When we woke, we found Tobe crucified on a large wooden structure of unknown origins. I moved immediately to him and dissected him—it would be such a shame to lose those bits as we lost him. <sob>

We then saw a hulking man with his back to us, praying—the very one who has been chasing Haakim, and whose apprentice we killed a while back. I immediately set off debuff spells, taking away levels and strength from him, as is my way, to prepare for my companions to gather his bits. Oh! The joy it would have been to have those bits in my possession! But I get ahead of myself. Mmmhmm.

As we fought, my teammates quickly lost confidence in our abilities to kill him. Our spells barely had an effect, and he healed all the damage we did with great ease. Still, those bits were so close I could smell them, and I continued to fight. When my spells did not work I took the heart object and installed it into Tobe, instructing him to run at the cleric and kill. (Putting back all those precious bits in the process. <sob>

While my companions hesitated (at the crucial moment of our strike!) the cleric caused Tobe to implode, liquifying all of his bits, and then departed, carrying all of his own away. Oh the loss! Oh the pain! Never have I been so distraught. I cried for days, huddled in Ug’s pack at our catastrophic loss. If only my companions had acted more quickly and efficiently, we might not have suffered so.

As we traveled, we met a group of people and set out grenades, in case they were planning an ambush. It turned out to be the remnants of Haakim’s village traveling to the holy site where the Wyrm blessed us with the destruction of the Menite caldera. They were kind enough the shelter us and provide us with food, even though they provided me with no bits to comfort me in my time of mourning.

We traveled toward Waterforge for another month, until we crossed a Nyss and Iosen battleground. I wanted to gather bits, but Hog cast some horrible shadow magic that brought many in the battle to their deaths. As we were about to leave, a Nyssian elf left some bits in the bushes near us—surely the Wyrm is smiling upon me, reassuring me that he does not intend to deprive me of bits forever. Mmmhmm. <sob>

We headed to Waterforge and discoverd that the wall to the city had been broken in an attack. We met with Redbeard, who was sadly less amusing than normal, and he traveled with us to the Thornwood to fix Kaya. The giant man was angry and fought with Redbeard, though I was able to subdue them both with a sandwich (the last, since we destroyed Redbeard’s favored sandwich location.

We were able to combine the items we have encountered into a massive…I’m not sure what…and brought it with us. Redbeard returned us to Waterforge, and we asked him questions about the graveyards that are being raided by the Cryx. It turns out Redbeard at one point murdered Everblight himself (!) and did not save even one bit to be used for token or enhancer. Not even one! I cannot believe the people I am sadly required to work with. Have they no common sense? Do they not realize the value of the bits they cast aside? <sob>

We are certain at this point that the Cryx have stolen the authank to give to Lord Toruk, which can only mean bad things for our mission to stop the witches and the jack with wings. They have also collected an amulet that can be used to control Redbeard, and so we need to venture after it through the caves where we originally encountered the Cryx; perhaps we will be able to return him to his former amusing state. I can barely hope that there will be bits to acquire in the process—I fear this must be too much to ask for. Mmmhmm.



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