Darkest Days

Mo's Journal Part 6

As we continued through the abominable room, we were again forced to fight the incorporeal beasties who did not leave bits behind. Haakim lost his leg almost immediately at the beginning of our last fight, and both Delilah and I were turned into wee little yappy dogs. Fortunately I was able to retain remembrance that I was not, in fact, supposed to be a dog, and could communicate with the party through quiet whinings. Mmmhmm.

Mikki surprised us all by promptly turning me back from a dog, for which I was most grateful.

Mana decided that it would be more prudent to replace Haakim’s leg with metal rather than with flesh, which is obviously foolish, since bits make better body parts than foreign mechanics. We squabbled over it for a bit, and in the end she built a leg out of a snowshoe, some fatty tissue, and assorted sundry parts. It paled in comparison to the leg I could have built, but Haakim may suit himself, I suppose.

We found the dais inside a cage, which after much tiptoeing around it for traps turned out to be incorporeal, and not trapped again. Hogarak turned us all blue, and then tried to jump to his death off a pile of rubble, and though Davros feather falled him, Bendick still felt the need to yell at him. I don’t think he is quite used to dealing with such young ones, that Bendick.

We journeyed into immense caverns beneath the dungeon, and traveled for many days. Just when we felt we might be reaching a path to the surface, we ran into a monstrosity of steel and parts—which, of course, had no bits. Next time I think about traveling to Ios, I must remember that it will likely be a fruitless journey.

The jack was abominably fast and strong, and cut Ug right in two, and then attacked Mana and bashed in her skull. I was most frightened, so I hid behind some rubble while pounding it with magic missiles.

When all was done, we removed the heads from both Mana and Bendick, though I sadly forgot about my heart which may have been able to bring Mana back from the dead.

We snuck past an army of undead, learned that they are soon to attack Cygnar, and then traveled a few days back to Redbeard. He then teleported us to the Thornwood where we were able to convince the cleric there to perform a reincarnation spell for us. Sadly, Mana did not return, although Ug returned as an Idrian with clerical powers that I believe he may have stolen from the cleric who brought him back. Davros seems most disconcerted that Bendick is now a human, but I hope that he gets over it soon, mostly so that we can go in quest of more bits. Mmmhmm.

Because Mana did not return, I have been feeling most guilty about leaving Mana’s body behind, especially since I have remembered that if I pieced her back together I could return her to life. This may be my chance to prove that I can use my bits to help the party—which would motivate them to get me more bits in the near future, since these last journeyings have been so devoid.

When we returned to the airship I attempted to replace Haakim’s leg with one of the appendages in the drudge-making machine, but he became cowardly at the last minute and kicked out, causing Anastasia to lose his arm instead. Also, when I tried to install Mana’s piloting arm onto Ug as planned, Vasili decided that he disagreed with our careful plans, even though he certainly had no valid complaints. Because of this he decided to fight me, and in the end I left them all there to sort it out themselves. This is what they get if they refuse to listen to good sense. Mmmhmm.

Once I had cooled off at home, I returned at Davros’ request to install the pilot arm on Anastasia, and she practiced with the airship until she was able to learn to fly it.



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