Darkest Days

Mo's Journal Part 5

Still stuck in the Elves’ dungeon, we rested overnight in order to regain our spells and for Ug and Ladimira to recover from the attack of the scarabs. Such a shame that I could not collect the bits belonging to those bugs. Mmmhmm.

I slept for the night against the wall, but Davros decided that it would be a good idea to tap a magehanded grenade against all three of the doors, until an incorporeal elf emerged from the floor and attacked us. Again, a creature with no bits. Whoever designed these traps was truly the enemy of the bonegrinder. Perhaps he was just jealous that he could not make such good use of his own bits. Mmmhmm. I was, however, able to eat a fine shredder bit to set off the most powerful magic missile that I have ever shot, which is no small feat if I do say so myself.

Mana was rather rude to me, and so while she slept, I inserted a drudge eyeball into her mouth. After what has happened to her since, I almost feel sorry for that act. Almost. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

On the next set of stairs, Vasili remembered that he has the ability to detect traps, but he is obviously not very good at it, because he failed to warn us about all of the triggers, and we soon found ourselves engulfed in scorpions. (And can I use scorpion bits? Of course not. Which is a shame because I had access to enough scorpions that could I use them I could have retired to bonegrind in peace.)

Mana was paralyzed by the scorpion poison while the others hid back in the room where we spent the night. Haakim grabbed Mana and we dragged her along the ceiling using spider climb, but even now she is quite unable to move.

When we reached the top we were knocked off our feet by a mighty explosion, such that probably destroyed any bits that might have remained in this forsaken dungeon. Just then someone burst through the door in the room where we hid, and Haakim launched a javelin at it. Sadly, this person was Anastasia, who shot Haakim in the knee for his trouble. (They’ll both be fine, although I had to do a small surgery on Haakim using a spare shoulder blade so that he could walk again. At least Haakim is grateful for my services, though. I won’t need to insert anything tasty into his mouth in his sleep.



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