Darkest Days

Mo's Journal Part 2

And so, I continue my record of our adventures. The baby belonging to Delilah, Haakim, Davros, Ladimira, and Anastasia was born after a somewhat difficult labor. (I suppose some difficulty is to be expected, when the woman who bore him was a man just a few days before.

I had the honor of naming the young child. (Both he and the mother were in good health . . . in fact, there is something extraordinarily healthy about him. So much so that he has aged a year in the last few days. A few more weeks, and he may be able to help with the acquisition of bits. Mmmhmm.) But where was I? Ah yes. The name.

The child’s name is Hogarak, Hog the powerful who smells horrible. (Both have certainly turned out to be the case.) You may call him Hog.

Following Hog’s birth, we headed straight for the Thornwood, to see if we could give him over to Kaya, since a druid would surely be a fitter parent than we are, at least until he’s a bit bigger. Unfortunately, Kreuger beat us to the village there, which he smote with some kind of contagious disease. The plague was so prevalent that we fled immediately, without collecting so much as a bit. What’s more unfortunate, we all contracted the plague anyway, so we sacrificed those bits in vain.

The nice dying druid did tell us where we could go for more information—to the mountain to the east. We found a shack atop the mountain, containing our good friend Mr. Stumpwater Jack, the somewhat irritable dwarf who led is through the lands inhabited by the blighted beasts. Mr. Stump was in good health, though by this time we certainly were not. He informed us that he could cure us of the plague, but only with a potion made of yak piss. I regret to this day that I did not accompany him to acquire the piss, since it turns out he had to slay the beast to do it, and I missed out on the collection of even more bits. Mmmhmm.

The dwarf sent us east then, after an item for Kaya (redeeming that former unspecified favor) which will hopefully help her to end the plague. (He also treated us with Yak piss, so that we ourselves wouldn’t die while we search for the cure. Such a nice dwarf, Mr. Stumpwater.)

On our travels, we came across a very large airship, much like the one that was not unlike the one crashed by the stupid cleric, may he be continually bitsless in the afterlife. Outside the ship we found one of those drudge creatures, who I promptly enfeebled so that the others could render her lifeless and I could harvest the bits. Unfortunately, it turns out this drudge creature had broken free from the mind control chips and overthrown the Cephalax, so we again missed the opportunity to collect bits not only from her, but from her bodyguard and the assorted Cephalax whose bodies had already been disposed of.

Despite my mistake (and sadness at the loss of potential bits) the nice drudge and her bodyguard (who promised me bits that have yet to materialize) agreed to fly us in their nice airship in the direction our nice ball and stick pointed, in search of the object for Kaya. We were just flying over that menite city where the zealots live-the ones who want to kill all of us, especially Haakim-and, much to my dismay, the object pointed toward the center of their city.

After that we wasted many hours fighting, first about whether or not we would go back for our treasure. (We did, and what a treasure it was. Too bad no one has established a proper trade in bits, or I could use it to buy several jars worth of powerful ones. After the success with the gobber message, perhaps I will have to suggest a trade in sentient bits to the next gobber I come across. That could get the fleshy ball rolling, if you understand what I mean. Mmmhmm.)

After that we fought about who was going to watch the baby. The heathens with whom I travel think that it is proper care of young to take them with a hunting party into battle. And they say bogren are feral beasts! We would never treat our young so cruelly! We might make them forage or leave them unattended to explore the bog, but we would never take them into a den of hostile humans when they’re not yet young enough to run away on their own. It’s common decency to wait until their two or three, at least. Mmmhmm.

At last Anastasia volunteered to stay with the baby, and the rest of us headed off to rescue the object from the menite zealots. We ventured into the city, and AT LAST encountered a group of blighted creatures who we promptly slew and whose bits I promptly collected. (I do wonder if the blight has anything to do with that dragon we saw out this direction not too many months ago.) During the fight, the drudge’s bodyguard’s eye was injured, along with Davros’s hip and Bendick’s head. The bodyguard was the only one who would allow me access to his wound, so I promptly removed an eye from one of the dragonspawn and transplanted it into his bleeding socket. The fix looking quite nice if you ask me (which he didn’t), but he promptly plucked it out again without even so much as a thank you. So much for common courtesy. I don’t know what better I expected from these feral heathen humans.



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