Darkest Days

Mo's Journal: Blessings of the Wyrm

Dungeon notes:

Time, Being, Large, Verbal, Numerous, Force, Understand

When Giants speak, all should listen.

Numerous, Animal, Group, Joint Being

Many creatures become one?

Person, Group, Sized, Understand, See, Bugs

Bugs! People are really tiny bugs? Tiny bugs are really people? We will die from bugs. Oh, we are tiny bugs to the giant. Mmmhmm.

Time, Royalty, Trouble, Single, Dark, Keep, Royalty

When the Queen is in trouble, one dark thing will protect her? Oh, one knight will protect her. Mmmhmm.

On our way to the tunnels to go after the object, Davros and Hog decided for some reason to torture a dog to death. Luckily I was able to collect a few bits from the process, and then we were off.

We entered the lava caves on the far side of the caldera, where we found script which we soon identified as pictograms. We discovered both that we are terrible at deciphering codes, and that there were likely to be bugs deeper in dungeon. Delilah handed me alchemist’s fire, which I promptly disposed of, because as we all know fire injures my precious bits. I was most sorry, though, once I learned that my companions only intended to use those potions on bugs, so I scraped up the remnants of it for later use.

Haakim killed a small bug, which we were afraid were running off to warn the others, so when we came upon the first room, we sent Davros in first, wraithed, so that he might check for them. As Ug traveled across the room, he was set on fire by the floor, even though he was wraithed and flying. It took a while, but my companions eventually figured out that if we walked in a certain pattern across the floor, we would not be burned. I’ll admit I have no idea how they discovered this, but even so I was glad for their cleverness. This is why I bring them along on my quests for bits. Mmmhmm.

We soon encountered a giant, as the codes told us we would. He wanted us to touch a sphere in order to compete to take some of his treasure—including the brace we had come for, which he wore as a ring. Ug stopped Hog from touching it – I can’t imagine why, since he can now run away with ease under his own power – but the rest of us touched the sphere to continue. This angered Hog, so he turned Ug into a human, but Mikki was able to turn Ug back.

For the first time, I remembered to get all my buff spells off before the battle began, as did the others, so we entered the battle powered up and protected. This was most unfortunate, however, when pieces of our souls were sucked from us, and we were forced to fight a (bitsless) creature who morphed from one of us to another, taking our forms and using our powers, including our buffs. (I was most afraid of the small evil Mo—he was vicious and efficient, after all.)

In the midst of the fight, Mikki pulled out a long red hair, which did most unhelpful things like produce a horrible fog. Mikki beat the wand into submission, and after that it produced a magic wall and a fiery cloud.

Ug dispelled magic, causing us (and evil us) to lose almost all of our buffs. Evil Ug cast mirror image, which caused there to be many many copies of each of us…all sadly bitsless. Just thinking of it makes me want to cry. Mmmhmm.

Ug used magic missiles to figure out which evil one was the real one, and we continued to attack him as he turned into a frenzied Haakim, and an Ug, and that cleric whose kneecaps I removed so long ago.

Upon realizing that any spell cast on our enemy would spread to the party, I could not resist casting Redbeard’s Fabulous Transmogrification on it, which of course caused us all to be fabulous. I made sure to yell that it was a mistake right after, though, so that no one would know that I found it as amusing as I do. Mmmhmm.

Finally the fight ended, and we were able to collect treasure from the giant, who also told us he was bored sitting in the volcano, but it was his job to keep it from erupting. I chose the brace, even though what I really wanted was the giant’s heart. (Mikki acquired his toenails for me, which were almost as good.) Anastacia, upon finding out that she could make one request, requested that the giant leave so that the volcano would erupt in a testament to the power of the Wyrm.

The giant agreed, and we grabbed our loot (Mikki got me a quite fine surgical set as her prize) and ran. We were already exhausted (a gift of the evil Mo, vicious and efficient as he was) and so we were barely able to get out of range when the volcano erupted, killing the inhabitants of Cauldron, I imagine. Later I was most sad to realize that this meant the end of the little gobber who ran the morgue. I will miss him dearly.

The sky darkened with ash, and as we heard a gleeful laughter, we realized our mistake. We have brought darkness to this part of the land, and I fear that the coven of witches will have further power here.



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